POA E-Voting

Pakistan Orthopedic Association Annual E-Voting Solution

SOFTSOLS PAKISTAN developed E-Votimg Solution and successfully executed in “Pakistan Orthopaedic Association ” Annual Elections held at Hotel Serena Islamabad (Orthocon 2022) on 13th January 2023.

Physical E-Voting was carried out OFFLINE by using 25 Touch KIOSKS, Digital Officer Desk, Digital Election Commissioner Desk over Local Area Network.

The main features include:
1) 100% Transparent and Fair Election accepted by all candidates and their polling agents.
2) Encrypted Vote Casting
3) Instant Results at the End of Polling.
4) Fast Voting as 25 members were Casted vote at a time.

Setup Includes:
1) 25 Polling Booths consist of Touch KIOSK, Desktop, QR Scanner
2) Digital Offier’s Desks (03) For Voter (Member) Identification
3) Digital Election Commissioner’s Desk For Voter (member) Card Activation which was duplicated on 56 Inch LED TV in front of Polling Agents to verify the Member.
4) Local Server with Router and Switches for LAN.
5) PVC Cards – For Every Member

ClientThe Car Rental Co
SkillsPhotography / Media Production

Project Title

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