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Your company has decided to create a web application. To build and maintain the application, you need not only a reliable and productive team, but also reliable and productive tools. The immediate concern is: which web technology should you use to make sure that you web application development is the most successful?

AngularJs Development

Softsols Pakistan recommends you to start an AngularJS project with us to create your web application. Read on to see why the JavaScript framework Angular is our preferred choice. Softsols Pakistan has a long and broad experience working with multiple web technologies. Our aim is always to maximize the value that you, our client, will get from our work. To achieve this, the choice of technology is crucial.

Which Web Technology is Right for You?

Web application development has traditionally been regarded as a complicated quest to get all the components, user interface and the data behind them working properly together. Many server-side technologies are available to create and maintain web applications. But the infrastructure to handle everything on server side may become expensive. Handling more of the application logic on client side can be an attractive alternative, especially as today's end user devices have a lot of computing power. Multiple JavaScript frameworks have been created to address these needs.

Handling more of the application logic on client
AngularJS is created with special attention to testing.
Angular also supports well the use of jQuery library
AngularJS supports standard components such as models, views, controllers and services
Model View Controller and Dependency Injection
AngularJS has high adoption and growth rate, and the framework has active development progress

Softsols Pakistan AngularJS Support

While Softsols Pakistan has long experience in building successful solutions with several different web technologies, we believe that AngularJS provides most of the features that a great front-end framework should have. Orient's web developers all have training for AngularJS and the understanding of "doing things the Angular way".

AngularJS Explained

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework originally created by Google, who actively support its development. The main idea of Angular is to combine well-known components, patterns and development practices in one framework that is straightforward to use and encourages following the best practices of web development. The underlying goal is that with Angular, developers can and will choose not just any solution that works, but the best known solution, the "Angular way of doing things".

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